Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Danielle Applestone
Former CEO of Bantam Tools

The brand map is the single most valuable tool I learned in the last year and one of the most subtle yet powerful things I think you can do when starting a new venture.

Vesa Walldén
Former Nokia Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Senior Partner at Capman Technology

Brand-Solutions and Chuck opened our eyes to the meaning and power of branding. Without his help, our project would not have been a successful one!

Dana Nunnelly
Former Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager; Owner Northwest Design & Consulting

I brought Chuck in on several projects at Microsoft. He was instrumental in working through research and processes to determine strategic directions for our product marketing and branding. I can't say enough about his pragmatic approach that gets you what you really need to get your job done...and his enthusiasm about the work is delightfully contagious.

Graham Bird
Former Vice President, Marketing & Sales, The Open Group; Principal, Enigma Consult

Brand-Solutions' methodology works, works well and Chuck keeps organizations on track with good humor and a deft touch.

Rev. Dr. James Lockard
Director, International Centers for Spiritual Living

Chuck Pettis and Brand-Solutions brought us a complete brand identity experience that has literally transformed the way our organization is seen in the world. Chuck and his team are thorough and tireless in their support for clients, and their creative work is excellent. I would recommend Brand-Solutions without hesitation for anyone looking for a high value brand identity experience.

Lisa Wittman
VP Communications, Association of Unity Churches International

Chuck Pettis and his team are absolutely dedicated to making your brand successful! His knowledge of branding is extensive, and he goes the extra mile to give excellent guidance and practical assistance. If you are thinking of working with Brand-Solutions, don't hesitate. You'll be glad you did!

Larry Herron
Vice President for Development, Institute for Systems Biology

Chuck Pettis is outstanding in helping a leadership team comprised of strong and diverse personalities get to consensus on key issues.  Brand-Solutions’ market research yielded excellent insights about our internal and external audiences. They translated this information into key messaging and positioning recommendations, which advanced our organization’s goals.

Ritu Sharma
Co Founder and President, Women Thrive Worldwide

Brand-Solutions helped us really align our brand with the promise and vision of our mission. Two years on, we have a cohesive, compelling message that has helped both us and our audiences clearly understand what we're about and how we're different. Their branding work has put us on the path to greater success.

Robert Holmes
Managing Partner, THG LLC

As a developer, we used envisioning sessions to craft our story and launch marketing and pre-sales efforts. These sessions spanned several days and were rather expensive. Then I discovered Chuck Pettis and went through several of his Branding Workshops. I cannot say enough about the process and results. Chuck's hands-on approach in the workshop and the fact that after one day you have a Brand Map, alignment with participants, key messages, and target markets nailed is not only impressive but effective. Chuck's a winner and his brand work is second to none.

John M Kaestle
President and CEO, HaloSource, Inc.

Chuck Pettis and Brand-Solutions really helped us with our branding, brand identity, and approach to marketing and promotion execution. Brand-Solutions worked with us and our channel partners to define and validate our brand identity- this really helped us move our business forward!

Stephen D'Esposito
President, RESOLVE

I can’t thank you enough for the Branding Workshop yesterday—really nice work. Everyone here is impressed—and buzzing.

Teresa Erickson
Staff Director, Northern Plains Resource Council

Learning the art and science of branding from Chuck Pettis was a pivotal experience for Northern Plains.  Our name recognition, reputation and ability to reach our target audience is much stronger than pre-Brand-Solutions.

Judy Morley
Ph.D., RScP, Communications Leader, United Centers for Spiritual Living

Brand-Solutions helped us define our leadership brand and give our organization a direction—for the first time in 50 years! Because of our association with Brand-Solutions and Chuck Pettis, we have completely overhauled the way we do business, including merging with an organization that split from us over 50 years ago.  Chuck gave us unprecedented clarity and direction for our organization.

Betsy Ribera
Vice President, Consumer Marketing, PayScale Inc.

Chuck’s quantitative approach resonated with the more technically-minded members of our team and was a critical step in getting everyone on the same page about our brand identity.

Garry Doherty
Open Group Product Manager

As a diehard cynic, I approached Chuck's process with apprehension. After the workshop, I was surprised that we had made genuine progress, gotten closer to our products and services and were well on the way to solving some awkward and elusive branding issues!