Branding Workshops

Branding Workshop Benefits
  • Engaging, interactive, productive, and entertaining.
  • This is the first step toward increasing the reputation, image, perceived value, and awareness of your brand.
  • Everyone who participates in the Branding Workshop will have a common understanding of what a "brand" is and how the latest discoveries on the brain can help you win and build a stronger brand.
  • Participants will know how to create and use brand identity and neuromarketing techniques to create a compelling story for their business, product, or service.
  • You will have consensus around the first draft of your brand identity map - the key deliverable - a short and compelling one-page description of your brand and its key messages.
  • You will have the input needed to develop a market research plan to test and validate your brand identity and messaging alternatives.
  • Ensures that everyone understands the strategy behind the messages, the imagery, the brand archetypes, and the Reptilian and Limbic hot buttons to be used in advertising and marketing communications.

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