NeuroBranding™ - Branding, market research, and advertising services relating to the study of the nervous system (i.e. brain and sense organs) and people's mental state and reactions when exposed to brands, products, advertising, marketing messages, and images.

Brand-Solutions is an expert in using neuromarketing and NeuroBranding techniques to build great brands.

Research by Duke University shows Apple logo boosts creativity!


A market research study on Coke and Pepsi proves the mind/reality-altering power of brand marketing.

We perceive and experience reality through our senses. When see, hear, touch, smell or taste something, the first place that the sense signal goes is the amygdala, two lobes in the center of the brain. The amygdala unconsciously evaluates what we are experiencing for its emotional relevance and then sends the sense signal to the cortex brain, which comes up with rationale for what we felt. Thus, all purchase decisions are first made emotionally.

In NeuroBranding, our goal is to "light up the brain" by strategically and carefully selecting the sensory cues (e.g., images and photos) that will stimulate the amygdala appropriately so as to create a "buy" or "I love it" response. We do this by identifying the Reptilian Brain and Limbic Brain hot buttons that will evoke the optimal emotional response.

Note: these techniques are very powerful and if used unethically result in propaganda and mind manipulation. Brand-Solutions only uses these techniques in the most ethical and positive manner. The purpose is not to "trick" people into buying things they don't want or need. The goal of our branding process, and of our company, is to help people choose the products, services or organizations that best align with their core values and needs, in order to increase their sense self worth, self esteem, and overall fulfillment as a person.

Here is a summary of the Reptilian, Limbic and Cortex brains.

The Reptilian Brain:

  • The oldest and smallest region in the evolving brain.
  • Found in all animals. Similar to brain of the reptiles who preceded mammals, about 200 million years ago.
  • Instinctive, fixed action patterns, and automatic behaviors.
  • The center for aggression, courtship, mating, and territorial defense (i.e., survival and reproduction).

The Limbic Brain:

  • Common to all mammals. Developed about 60 million years ago after the demise of the dinosaurs.
  • The brain's emotional factory.
  • Collects sensory information and screens it for emotional relevance.
  • Retention of information is significantly increased when presented in emotionally charged context.
  • Oriented toward our children.

The Cortex Brain:

  • Unique to humans.
  • The largest of the three brains - 5/6's of total brain mass.
  • The center for: Conscious thought and logic.
  • The center for: Reading, speaking, writing, and reasoning.
  • The center for: Awareness.
  • The center for: Conscious motor control.
When all parts of the brain are in sync, we feel harmony.

If you are interested in discovering the Reptilian and Limbic hot buttons for your brand and learning how to apply them in marketing and branding communications, please contact Chuck Pettis at or 360-331-6667.