Branding Benefits

Brand-Solutions has helped hundreds of companies and organizations of all sizes develop brands and marketing communications materials that attract more customers, convert more sales and secure more repeat business.

Branding has many benefits for companies and organizations:
  • Be remembered - Increase your brand awareness and recognition
  • Improve perceived quality and credibility
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Gain market share
  • Increase stock price
  • Gain strategic advantage over the competition
  • Retain customers
  • Lower marketing and sales expenses
  • Attract and develop higher-quality dealer networks
  • Attract and retain high-quality employees and board members

Many people think branding is just a brand name and a logo. Unfortunately, for most brands, this is true. That is why only eight percent of Americans trust advertising. In fact, only one percent of companies really know by quantitative research why customers buy their products. This is a marketing sin; this is de-marketing.

When you know why people buy your brand, both emotionally and rationally, and your advertisements and marketing communications use the right messages and images:

  • Sales increase
  • The stock price goes up
  • Customers remember your brand and come back for more
  • A great brand is built

In fact, properly used, branding literally alters people's perceptions of reality. Not only that, branding physically and psychologically alters people's sensory perceptions and hence their buying behavior and choices.

Few people, even professionals, are aware of most of the powerful techniques used in branding. These techniques include: strategic choice of sensory stimuli and emotional imagery; semantic priming; pushing the Reptilian and Limbic hot buttons (NeuroBranding ), and Archetypal Branding.

These techniques work at the subconscious and unconscious levels. When used unethically, these techniques are manipulative and propaganda-ish. At Brand-Solutions, we use these techniques ethically and with integrity and compassion to connect people with brands that provide true value to them, increase their sense of self worth, self esteem, and even their creativity.