May You Be Blessed with Good Fortune and Harmony

The two Chinese characters above (that are also used in the Japanese language), stand for good fortune and harmony. While branding is very much of the "material world," we see our branding work as a spiritual practice and as a virtuous and ethical livelihood.


Not all brands are created ethically. Ethics and integrity are the foundation for all BrandSolutions work. We do this by discovering the true shared values and ethics of our client's organizational culture and then conducting market research to find out which of these values and ethics are most important to their target audiences. When brands and customers share the same values, trust is built and relationships deepen. In this way, we contribute to social capital and greater good for society.


When an organization's leadership and employees consistently act in accordance with its values and ethics, customers instinctively can tell that this is a special company and they reward that company with their brand loyalty. In addition, BrandSolutions' value-based approach gives employees a higher sense of self-esteem and greater respect for management, the top two factors that create employee loyalty.